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ENITOS' head

Valentina Visintin's external collaboration

Head of Enitos was made for Episode 2 of the TV series Romulus, for the funeral scene where the body was burned on the pyre. The head was hyper-realistic because it was gonna be shot in sequence and the pyre would have been lit without camera stop. Furthermore, the body was exposed in a previous scene under the rain and in this way it was avoided to put the actor under incessant water without the possibility of blinking an eye. To carry out the work we took the cast of the actor Giovanni Buselli, both of the head and the body in a supine position. The head was first cast in plastiline to be able to refine the details and then it was moulded in epoxy resin. The body was a simple polyfoam cast. Then the platinum silicone copy was made, which was painted with oil paints and caulking silicone, and the hair/eyebrows/beard were punched one hair at time. Part of the hair was simply glued because it would always lie down and the back of the head would not be seen.

Special Makeup Effects execution & FX Design: Roberto Pastore and Valentina Visintin

Silicone running, seaming, painting by Valentina Visintin

Hair punching by Valentina Visintin, Camilla Cavenaghi, Roberto Pastore

Hair styling by Marzia Colomba

Beard styling by Roberto Pastore

Other crew (clay pour, mould, plaster cast): Teresa Patella, Michele Salgaro Vaccaro, Francesca Galafassi, Mauro Zenoniani

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