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MARCE's body

Valentina Visintin's external collaboration

The body of Marce, made for the film Romulus & Remus: The First King by Matteo Rovere, is a corpse that in the feaure is found hanging from a tree, torn and deprived of the lower half according to a war ritual. To make it we started with the cast of the actor Ludovico Succio, who plays Marce in the film, cast that we made in various separated parts keeping the actor in the position in which the sculpture should have been. The sculpture was formed inside the molds using the clay pour technique and then assembled on a steel structure that would support its weight during the refinement interventions. Once the sculpture was finished, a two-pary epoxy resin mold was made and the hands were moulded separately using platinum silicone. The body was cast in Platsil 00 platinum silicone and painted with oil paints mixed with caulking silicone. Finally the beard, eyelashes and eyebrows hair were individually punched, while the wig was glued and styled. The final touches of dirt and the application of dried blood were performed on set.

Special makeup effects realization & FX Designers: Valentina Visintin, Andrea Leanza, Lorenzo Tamburini and Roberto Pastore

Contributors to Marce's hyperrealistic body: 

Francesca Galafassi, Matteo Salgaro Vaccaro, Camilla Cavenaghi, Federica Castelli, Cristina Malillos, contributed to the lifecast, clay pour, sculpting, mold, silicone casting, silicone and seaming.

Coloring by Valentina Visintin.

Hair punching by Andrea Masi and Valentina Visintin.

Art finishing on set by Valentina Visintin, Andrea Leanza and Michele Salgaro Vaccaro.

The wig has been placed and styled by Marzia Colomba.

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