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Divided Colors is a personal project by Valentina Visintin from 2010 who wants to make fun of the famous United Colors or Benetton advertisements by playing on the face exchange of the models with prosthetics. The models are shown wearing a mask sewn to the face, breaking the advertising message of the popular brand to denouncing how deep racial preconceptions still are, hidden behind the images that symbolize purity and innocence.The style of the natural portrait is maintained and the triptych arrangement is chosen.
For the realization a lifecast of the three models was taken, then the positives were made in plaster and the sculptures were perfected from clay pours.
After molding, three encapsulated silicone prosthetic masks were cast, painted with oil paints and caulking silicone, which were then hair punched and sewn by hand.
The application took place in the photo studio where the photographs were taken. 

The masks were entirely realized by Valentina Visintin
We thank Monica Antonelli, Alessandro Boscarato and Valter Casotto for collaborating to the project.

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