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We offer private courses inherent to special makeup effects to beginners and professionals willing to specialize

The programs cover individual techniques or very specific processes and they last few days on a full time base in order to allow students and professionals to attend without worrying about taking many days off from work. Moreover we don’t want to dilute the learning over too many days distant from each other.

The classes don’t follow a regular calendar because we are able to organize them in quiet periods between jobs, we advise to subscribe to the mailing list


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All the classes have a maximum number of 6 students because we care about dedicating the right amount of time to each student. We also have one-to-one classes available upon request and we welcome proposals for topics not yet covered by our programs.


We offer 5% discount to those who attend 3 classes and a 10% discount to those who attend more than 3 classes

Visit our special makeup effects courses dedicated website to find out more.

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