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Art project commissioned by Annalisa Venturini

ASIA is a hyperrealistic sculpture project commissioned by the Italian artist Annalisa Venturini. We initially sculpted the head from references of a real child provided by the author, the hands were lifecast from a 8 years old girl and reproduced in plastiline for adjustments in accord witht the head and body shape, which was a pre-exhisting resin mannequin, chosen in the size of the kid. The sculptures were made in Chavant plastiline, moulds were made in laminated epoxy resin and finally the silicones were cast in Tinsil Gel 10. The colouring process was made with oil paints mixed with caulking silicone, mat with cabosil powder and when dry every hair was individually punched (lashes, eyebrows and hair). It is possible to disassemble the figure to make transportation and mounting easy. The clothing for the figure is been chosen by the committee.

Client: Annalisa Venturini

Special makeup effects execution: VIVA FX

Concept: Annalisa Venturini

Project entirely executed by Valentina Visintin

Eyes by Alba Odeh

Hair Punching by Alessandro Boscarato

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