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ALIEN commercial

NeN Energia

Alien mask for NeN Energia commercial aired in November 2020. Produced by Karen Films. Initially, few concept designs were created so the customer could select the appropriate one and approve a final one. The sculpture was then created based on the final design, and it was made in clay, a very quick technique when it comes to making a wearable mask. The sculpture was moulded in dental stone plaster which is the most suitable material for latex casting. Then latex was poured and cast with the rotocasting technique and left to dry overnight. In the following day the edges were trimmed and seamed and the painting was carried out using rubber cement and airbrushed acrylic inks. Finally, the eyes were made shiny applying a two-component epoxy resin.

VIVA FX for Karen Films

Special Makeup effects by VIVA FX

Concept design by Dave Bonneywell

Sculpture and cast by  Andrea Leanza

Mask moulding, seaming e coloring by Valentina Visintin

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